welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website – unique, stylish and creative with a pop of colour!

Worth the wait! It took us quite a while to have everything exactly the way we had it in mind but all the hard work paid out and we are so proud and happy to present you our new “us”. This is CM weddings how we see it, how we live it and how we feel perfectly comfortable with: classy, puristic, fresh, modern, straightforward, but still with attention to detail and a twist.

We took our 5 year anniversary as an opportunity to rethink our whole brand identity because we felt that we have outgrown our former appearance. What was perfectly fine when we founded our business five years ago just didn’t feel right anymore. We have grown with all the experience we’ve gained so far. With every single couple and wedding we have developed as individuals and as CM weddings. We have become the creative wedding designers we imagined to be 5 years ago but we are positive that we can still improve and that we haven’t reached our peak performance yet.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, for supporting us, for being one of our couples or one of our amazing suppliers. We wouldn’t have achieved what we have without you. To the next 5 years and everything the future in this industry holds for us!

Claudia & Marlene